Would you like to give up smoking?

The electronic cigarette helps you to give up smoking easily, and in such a way that you must not sacrifice the ritual of smoking immediately, since you can keep on smoking with the electronic cigarette like before, but without the harmful effects of tar and smoke. The nicotine enters your body dissolved in water vapour. Using different nicotine capsules, you can slowly decrease the nicotine dosage and finally get rid of smoking.

You don't want to give up smoking?

Using the electronic cigarette, it is not necessary to get rid of smoking. However, you can avoid the harmful effects of the regular cigarettes like smoke emission and tar accumulation in the body, and above all, it does not disturb others, so it might be used on such places, where smoking is prohibited. In such places, use only on your own risk.

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The electronic cigarette is a brand new product all over the world; its market penetration is low. We need you to help to spread this products and help our fellow-beings to decrease the negative effects of smoking.
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